One Step Is Enough

One step….

One step is all we get.

One step is all we can really handle.

I am a visionary by nature. I see the big picture and get so frustrated with the steps to get there. To a visionary, every step is the one that should be right before the big picture. It usually is far from it.

I need steps.

Steps take courage. Steps take risk to not only just step into, but to believe and trust that the step is okay – that it’s necessary.

Steps require obedience and courage to know I’m not finished. Steps let me know that who I am right now cannot handle the right weight of what is to come. Steps get me there. Steps ready me for the value of the weight.

I have been stuck in Joshua the past couple of days. Joshua is a man of surrendered steps. Joshua was Moses’ successor to lead the Israelites into the Promise Land. He has some big steps to fill.

I have just shaken my head and smiled at how awesome God is to only give Joshua what he can handle. God only gave Joshua each step. Joshua had the choice to obey – he had a choice to surrender and trust, and he did! Without knowing the how or what of anything, Joshua stepped up.

The first several chapters of Joshua are laced with steps. In chapter one, God told Joshua that he must obey and follow after me before any next step can happen. Joshua agreed. God then told Joshua to order the officers to tell the people that they were to pack up and get ready to leave in three days. He had no other information than that. He just said okay.

God then gave instruction on how to advance and the exact order that needed to play out. No other explanation. Joshua obeyed.

In chapter two, Joshua sent spies into Jericho to scope it out. He waited days to hear the report. Joshua did not move until they returned.

Chapter three, Joshua is given one step at a time to cross the Jordan. Everyone was to wait three days and followed the instructions to only go when they saw the Ark of the Covenant pass by. Not before then. Why not? Joshua did not ask.

Chapter four, all pass through the Jordan on dry land unharmed. Twelve Israelites representing the twelve tribes obeyed Joshua as he commanded them to gather twelve stones as a reminder of what God had done for them.

No one moved without the command of Joshua. Joshua did not move without the command of the Lord.

One step at a time. No more. No less. That was the necessary enough.

One step takes courage and risk. One step takes surrender and obedience. One step at a time crosses Jordan’s and conquers nations.

I am learning to surrender to my steps.

What one step are you taking today?

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  1. Thank you for this Tracee. So relevant. :) God bless you lots

    • Thank you Elizabeth! How are you?

  2. For me right now the step is being content where I am. God has lead to each new step over the past 18 months or so. Just in the past month we made the decision (after God’s leading) to place our son in private school in a city 30 minutes away. 18 months ago He lead us to a church there. Our small town doesn’t have much to offer. We’re ready to move and my husband will just commute the 30 minutes, but God is telling me to just be content for time being. We know moving is in His plan for us (the big picture), but He’s telling us one step at a time. So my step for right now? Be content until He tells us it’s time to move.

    • how are your steps going friend? How are all the transitions going?

  3. I think I’m learning to take the daily step of consecrating my heart to God. Sounds sort of weird but I really know that He’s asking me to invite Him in to every one of my days from the get go. No more…no less, right? ;-)

    • This is so awesome! I am so not good at the daily surrendering. I get too busy and too self-sufficient. Thank you for saying this and the challenge that comes with it!

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